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The following are websites and articles you may find helpful. Off-site and “.pdf” links will open in a new window:

  • Schoology
  • Bullying Prevention Law:  Bully Prevention Law Outline
    » More Info From the Dept. Of Education
  • State of) Delaware Department of Education Profile: Delaware DOE Profile
  • Delaware Mentoring Council: Delaware Mentoring
  • Delaware State agencies: Agencies
  • Educationally-Related Delaware Organizations:  Educational Organizations
  • Emergency Preparedness Guidelines: Emerg. Preparedness Guidelines/Checklists
  • Home Access Center allows parents and students to view student registration, scheduling, attendance, assignment, and grade information Home Access Center (HAC)
  • NCCVT Profile (State of Delaware website):   NCCVT Profile
  • Parent Account Management System for school meals: PayPAMS
  • Positive Behavior Support Project:  Delaware PBS
  • Reaching Higher for Student Success initiative is driven by the results of research conducted in Delaware with educators, students, parents, business leaders and college professors. The new Student Success Plans are an important component of Reaching Higher for Student Success, the Delaware Department of Education’s ongoing initiative to revitalize Delaware’s public middle and high schools.  Reaching Higher for Student Success – “Yes YOU Can!” » More Info / Student Success Plan for Parents & Students Login
  • Tech-Prep Delaware: Tech Prep
  • The Vision 2015 plan was developed by a broad-based, 28-person Steering Committee. Their work was informed substantially by expert counsel from nearly 80 Work Group members, representing education, community organizations, and businesses. Over the course of the 11-month process, nearly 500 citizens in all three Delaware counties participated in community meetings, focus groups, and special interest forums:  Vision 2015
  • VoTech College Scholarship information: College Scholarships.org