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HowardHoward High School of Technology

Located three blocks from Wilmington’s thriving downtown business area, Howard High School of Technology emphasizes academic and career training programs, which prepare students for immediate employment and college.

Approximately 860 students attend Howard. Noteworthy programs include the schools’ state-of-the-art computer technology lab, which makes available to all students a variety of programs ranging from skill reinforcement and SAT preparation to word processing and desktop publishing.

Howard was the first high school in the region to have computers networked throughout the building, enabling students and faculty to access data and resources from any computer station in any classroom.

It was the second in the nation to offer Microsoft-based computer systems engineering program of study. Howard trained the first high school-age student to earn a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer credential in the country.

In addition to a rigorous academic program, students at Howard choose to study one of the following Career Programs:

*Includes Medical Assisting and Nursing Technology programs

Howard is a designated site for school-to-work transition programs, with an emphasis on training students not only at school, but also at businesses in the community. Howard’s award-winning, four-year Quest for Quality program helps students track their progress in academic, career, and employability skills beginning in the 9th grade. It also offers an award-winning service-learning program that involves the student body in worthwhile community service projects.

Howard is a school well prepared to meet the educational demands for the 21st century.