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Harrison, Chad

Assistant Principal
Harrison, Chad

“I am thankful for the opportunity to be a member of the administrative team at St. Georges Technical High School. My educational background includes earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology and Engineering Education from Utah State University, a Master’s degree in School Leadership from Wilmington University, and a Doctorate degree in Administration & Policy from the University of Delaware. Prior to joining St. Georges, I taught Audio, Radio, Video Engineering & Design and was the Dean of Students at Caesar Rodney High School. As an educator, I enjoy working with students on several different levels. I am passionate about shaping their character and future endeavors. My message to students-¬‐ “Work hard with integrity to accomplish your goals.” Prospective employers and colleges look for quality people who will do a quality job. My core supervisory responsibilities at St. Georges include the sixteen Career & Technical Education programs, technology, Spanish, and the Career and Transition program. My goal is to have each St. Georges graduate college and career ready. I take pride in watching students learn and grow. Finally, I am always available to address you and your student’s questions and concerns”.

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