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A Message from NCC Vo-Tech: Updated

A Message from NCC Vo-Tech: Updated

It is with great sorrow that we must report that a Howard High School of Technology student died today at AI DuPont Hospital as the result of injuries she sustained from an altercation this morning at the school.

This is not only an unspeakable tragedy for her family, but also for the school, and the entire community.

We express our prayers and deepest sympathy to her family, who need your support and sensitivity at this time.

These are the details we can provide at this time:

  • A few female students were involved in a physical altercation at approximately 8:15 am this morning, in a main floor girls bathroom, just at the time classes began for the day.
  • A 16-year-old female was seriously injured. No weapons were involved.
  • Emergency services were contacted and were on the scene within minutes.
  • The student was airlifted to AI duPont Hospital by helicopter, where she later died at the hospital from her injuries.
  • Wilmington Police are currently conducting an investigation.
  • We have sent automated calls to all parents of Howard students throughout the day to keep them informed, and will continue to do so.
  • As this is an ongoing investigation of the Wilmington Police Department, further information and details will be provided by them.

We are shaken but stand ready to provide support and care to the family, to Howard students and staff, and to all of those affected by this senseless act. We ask that you do the same.