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Technical Drafting and Design

Technical Drafting is designed to develop the skills for one or more engineering drawing specialties. Students start with basic drafting procedures and techniques coupled with a general exploration of the field. Specialization in areas such as architectural drafting, civil engineering, piping schematics, machine design and other disciplines are encouraged in the third year. This program may be used to prepare for entry-level work or post-secondary training. In preparing drawings, students use computers, compasses, dividers, parallel edges, scales, triangles, and 3-D modeling. Computer drafting techniques include AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, Inventor, Revit, Solidworks, Soft Plan, 3D Studio, and Auto-Desk Design Academy. Technical handbooks, tables and calculators are also used to help solve problems.

Technical Drafting students are able to earn college credit through Tech Prep Agreements with area colleges as well as dual enrollment.

Employment opportunities available after high school graduation:

Detailer, CAD Operator & Drafter in the following fields: Architecture, Aeronautical/Electrical/ Civil/Structural/Mechanical Engineering, Printed Circuit Design, Tool & Die, Landscape Design, Patents, Machine Design