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Chemical Laboratory Technology

The Chemical Laboratory Technology program is designed to prepare students to perform basic chemistry laboratory techniques, relate theoretical concepts to laboratory techniques, perform stoichiometric calculations common to chemistry laboratory work, maintain and operate the more common instruments and equipment used as tools of analysis or synthesis, inventory, order and store chemical supplies, and demonstrate proper safety procedures, cleanliness, precision, and care when performing laboratory operations. In addition, students are expected to be able to interpret, analyze, and interpret facts and ideas graphically, orally, and in writing upon completing the course. Chemical Lab Technologists work with chemicals and chemical engineers to develop, sell, and utilize chemicals, related products, and equipment. This career program can be the first step toward a chemical lab technologist position at above-average income or provide excellent preparation for continuing education. Chem Lab students are able to earn college credit through Tech Prep Agreements with area colleges. Credit for DelTech’s Chemical Principles 150 and 151 (10 Chemistry credits) will be given to students who finish the laboratory exercises and complete the program with a B average. There is also the opportunity to earn post-secondary credit through Tech Prep and dual enrollment.

Employment opportunities during high school:

Co-op Internship at University of Delaware (summer)

Employment opportunities requiring 2-years of specialized training after high school:

Chemical Lab Technician, Environmental Technician, Chemical Processor, Environmental Health Technician, Associate Industrial Engineer, Vet Technician, Crime Scene Assistant Analyst

Employment opportunities requiring 4-year degree or more:

Chemist, Plant Scientist, Environmental Scientist, Laboratory Scientist, Industrial Engineer, Secondary Science Teacher, Hydrologist, Forensic Scientist, Pharmacist, Epidemiologist, Biochemist, Research Scientist