St. GeorgesSt. Georges Technical High School


The Biotechnology career program provides students with the opportunity to be challenged by and to master the science and math skills required for acceptance into bioscience programs at competitive post-secondary educational programs. Students will have opportunities to master advanced content in biology and chemistry and to master basic laboratory techniques and procedures, as well as opportunities to maintain and operate the more common instruments and equipment used in a biotechnology laboratory. Mastery of proper safety procedures, cleanliness, precision, and care when performing laboratory operations will be expected of all students. They will be expected to accurately analyze scientific information and data and to present facts and ideas graphically, orally, and in writing at a quality level consistent with generally accepted standards of the biotechnology community. Students entering the program must be aware of the academic expectations associated with success both in the program and in the biotechnology industry and must be aware that a demonstrated mastery of science and math content standards will be necessary for success in the program. While it is expected that entry-level, laboratory technician positions will be available to highly qualified program completers, students should be aware that completion of a post-secondary program in biotechnology, at least at the technical/community college level, is often required for entry-level positions in this field and that upward career mobility in the biotechnology industry will require a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree.

Employment Opportunities requiring 2-years of specialized training after high school:

Lab Technician