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The Academy of Manufacturing & Engineering

The Academy of Manufacturing & Engineering offers a three-year comprehensive training program that emphasizes current manufacturing and engineering technology. Students with a strong interest in math, science, and computerized systems will find the curriculum stimulating with its blend of computer-aided design, machining, statistical process control, software applications, robotics, hydraulics, and engineering. Students also receive training in team building, safety practices, business ethics, and employability skills with all the professional tools necessary to train for the field of manufacturing or entry into a two-year engineering program. Academy facilities include networked computer stations, a machine technology lab, and a lab complete with robotics programming stations. CAD/CAM software applications are available through multiple workstations. The Principles of Engineering course includes the use of various mechanical systems, a tensile strength analyzer with computer feedback, and electro-mechanical systems that operate using computer control via a programming language.

Employment opportunities available after high school graduation:

CNC Machine Tool Programmer, Machinist, Industrial Machinery Mechanic

Employment opportunities requiring 2 years of specialized training after high school:

Mechanical Engineering Technician, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician, Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician, Electromechanical Technician

Employment opportunities requiring Bachelor’s degree:

Computer Systems Analyst, Petroleum Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer