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Business Technology

Students in the Business Technology programs are expected to demonstrate effective communication skills, customer relations expertise, and concepts vital to the development of a business career. This curriculum includes instruction and practical application in business management, business communication, business law, economics, financial analysis, information technology, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, students are expected to learn and understand organizational concepts involving human resource and strategic management in the world of business, as well as, systems used to monitor and control day-to-day operations. Moreover, students have the opportunity to attain Microsoft Office Specialist Certification, a credential that validates skills in the Microsoft Office systems (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook). Successful completion of all five expert level exams awards student a Master Microsoft Office Specialist certification, which is nationally recognized as a college credit.

Employment opportunities available after high school graduation:

Administrative/Legal Assistant, Receptionist, Word Processor, Financial Services Clerk, Accounting Clerk, Bank Teller, Customer Services, Purchasing Agent/Buyer, Entrepreneur

Employment opportunities requiring 2-years of specialized training after high school:

Computer Programmer

Employment opportunities requiring 4-years of specialized training after high school.

Accountant/Auditor, Retail Manager, Human Resource Manager, Acquisition and Contract Manager, Sports & Entertainment Manager, Paralegal, Organizational Psychology, Government Relations, Financial/Budget Analyst, Loan Officer, Corporate Event Planner, Small Business Management