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Revisions/Reaffirmation of Board Policies

Revisions/Reaffirmation of Board Policies

The Board of Education approved the following Board Policies at the February 26, 2018, Board meeting to be posted for review and comment.

Policy #20 – District Travel and Personal Reimbursement Policy (Revised)

Policy #21 – Board Member Insurance (Reaffirm)

Policy #101 – Educational Philosophy (Reaffirm)

Policy #103 – Policy on the Implementation of the Provisions of Title IX (Reaffirm)

Policy #104 – Media Center Materials Challenge (Reaffirm)

Policy #106 – Professional Development (Reaffirm)

Please mail any comments or concerns to the address below:

NCCVT District Office

1417 Newport Road

Wilmington, DE  19804

ATTN: Michele Marra

All comments and concerns need to be postmarked no later than March 19, 2018.  Thank you.

Board Policy #20

Board Policy #21

Board Policy #101

Board Policy #104

Board Policy #106