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NCCVT School District delivers world-class Career and Technical programs combined with rigorous academic curricula to equip students with the 21st century skills that will best serve the State of Delaware, and the global community.



NCC Vo-Tech School District Believes:

  • All students have the ability to learn and the opportunity to succeed.
  • Our district community has the highest standards and expectations for instruction.
  • Our schools are unique in providing extensive Career and Technical Education opportunities and experiences that prepare students for post-secondary success.
  • A safe, caring, and respectful school community empowers deeper learning.
  • Diversity is critical to excellence in all endeavors.
  • Business partnerships, community involvement, and family support are essential to high quality schools.


A system of learning that is:

  • Applied and Relevant
  • Rigorous and Innovative
  • Personalized

A system of support that includes:

  • Professional Development that enhances teaching and learning
  • Communication and Celebration of the NCCVTSD story of success


NCCVTSD strives to prepare graduates to be:

  • Highly employable and workforce ready
  • Innovators
  • Problem solvers
  • Effective Communicators
  • Ambassadors for NCCVT
  • Life-long learners

Strategy 1: Applied and Relevant Learning

Provide all NCCVT students with relevant CTE that applies learning in real-world settings and to real-world problems to ensure graduates are highly employable and career ready.

Strategy 2: Rigorous and Innovative System of Learning

Provide all NCCVT students with a rigorous and innovative education that ensures graduates are ready to pursue their desired postsecondary path.

Strategy 3: Personalized Learning

Provide all NCCVT students with a personalized education that meets the unique needs and maximizes the potential of each student.

Strategy 4: Professional Development

Equip NCCVT educators to provide students with an education that is personalized, innovative, relevant and rigorous through ongoing, demand-driven professional development.

Strategy 5: Communicate the NCCVT Story of Success

Tell the NCCVT story of quality that reflects the district’s core beliefs, the success of its graduates, the support of its community, the importance of its business partnerships, and the value of its contribution to Delaware’s economic vitality.

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