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Spoor, Stanley

Principal, Howard
Spoor, Stanley

I am very proud to be the principal of a US News and Report top rated school! We received the ranking due to the hard work of the school’s staff and students. Our school’s instructional focus is “Continuous Improvement.” Our school embraces the Growth Mindset philosophy and our staff teaches the core concepts of this philosophy to the students. The Growth Mindset philosophy is based on scientific research that states that every student can improve their abilities through begin reflective, setting goals, and hard work. As the principal, I encourage all students and staff members to follow these beliefs, and always desire improvement in everything they do. As school, we are constantly reflecting on what we are currently doing, and what we need to do to improve.

Our entire teaching staff has been trained in Learning Focused Strategies, which are researched based strategies that improve instruction. Teachers are collaborating together in Small Learning Communities, to ensure that students are receiving the best lessons and assignments which is aligned to the Common Core Standards as well as incorporating highly effective research based strategies. In addition, our teachers meet daily to discuss student’s needs and progress, and if students need additional assistance with understanding a concept, there are academic tutorial periods built into the school day to help students.

Howard High School is proud to be the first public high school in Delaware to have a 1-1 iPad initiatives. To prepare our students for the 21st Century workforce, each student is equipped with an iPad. Students complete assignments, research, and assessments on the iPads. Several classrooms incorporate a “flipped” model classroom, where there are online tutorials to support student’s needs and provide an individualized paced course for students. Students are also allowed to take the iPad home, so they can continue their studies outside of the school. Our classrooms also have Smartboards and document cameras to help deliver the instruction. Teachers are regularly involved in professional development to enhance their classrooms through the use of technology.

Our school has just completed a multi million dollar renovation, which included updates to: the academic and career classrooms,the main office, guidance office, wellness center, media center, gymnasium, and outside entrances to the gymnasium and main lobby.

I encourage you to take some time to look through our school’s website and learn more about what our school offers in terms of academics and career courses, student activities, technology, and our rich history. If you and your prospective student would like to learn more about our school and take a tour, please contact our Community Relations Coordinator, Mrs. Gladney at 302-571-5770.

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