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The NCCVT School District is committed to providing students with a documented learning disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) an educational setting in a least restricted environment. The student’s instructional and career program will be based upon an annual Individual Education Plan (IEP). The following are the types of academic and career settings that are available to students with a documented learning disability.


Students whose IEP determines an Inclusive setting will find themselves in general level classes with the proper supports provided that are necessary for academic success. These supports may include a class that is co-taught, interactions with a para-educator and/or monitoring by a special education teacher or a learning support coach. Inclusive models may appear different at each school; however, the goal at each school is the same: to provide a setting for all students to succeed in the courses with the most rigor possible. Students in Inclusive settings are responsible for all graduation requirements of the district and state.

Life Skills Program

The Life Skills Program is a certificate program. The students in Life Skills are administered the DCAS ALT-1, a statewide alternative assessment, unless otherwise determined by their IEP. The test is given in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade and measures skill in the areas of Math, English, Social Studies, and Science. The district-wide program is housed at Delcastle Technical High School. The curriculum is based on the extensions of the Common Core Curriculum, which are individualized and modified to best meet the needs of the students. During the 9th grade year, literacy skills are developed through a unique reading class co-taught by a certified English Teacher and Speech Therapist. The Life Skills Program focuses on the following: (1) Providing students instruction that is aligned with the common core standards and taught at a level that matches their unique skills, abilities, and IEP goals; (2) Helping students to expand and generalize their academic knowledge across functional and vocational settings; (3) Building and developing the students’ employability and vocational skills within their academic and career areas; (4) Engaging students in teacher-designed Community Employment Opportunities (CEO) outings throughout the year, and (5) Placing students in volunteer or cooperative employment when opportunities arise.

Transition to Adult Life

The Transition To Adult Life, TTAL, is the New Castle County Vo-Tech 18-21 program for students who have completed the NCCVT Life Skills program. Based on his/her IEP goals, the student will choose to continue his/her education at the school or participate in a vocational training program that will provide real work experiences to prepare the student for successful employment. The program will focus on challenges that face every student entering the adult world: transportation, functional living skills, social/interpersonal skills, organizational skills, safety, and employability skills.


David Jezyk, Ed.D., Supervisor of Exceptional Children and Title 1
Phone: (302) 683-3657
Email: david.jezyk@nccvt.k12.de.us

Monica Quann, District Transition Coordinator
Phone: (302) 683-3660
Email: monica.quann@nccvt.k12.de.us

Nathalie Princilus, Life Skills & 18-21 Program Coordinator
Phone: (302) 995-8053
Email: nathalie.princilus@nccvt.k12.de.us

Cathleen Hazewski, Instructional Services Department Secretary
Phone: (302) 683-3760
Email: cathleen.hazewski@nccvt.k12.de.us

Kate Neeman, Delcastle Team Leader
Phone: (302) 995-8092
Email address: kate.neeman@nccvt.k12.de.us

Sharon Horrocks, Howard Team Leader
Phone: (302) 571-5427
Email address:Sharon.Horrocks@nccvt.k12.de.us

Alison McLean, Hodgson Team Leader
Phone: (302) 834-0928
Email address:Alison.McLean@nccvt.k12.de.us

Lynn Williams, St. Georges Team Leader
Phone: (302) 449-3620
Email address:Lynn.Williams@nccvt.k12.de.us